I’ve been asked about the magic in Anaria so I figure I’d make a blog post about it. I will probably edit this over time as things change or develop (as well as add pictures). The nature of webcomics is things are changing over time, so I might change my mind on something, but pretty much everything here is what is set in stone.

There are three groups of magic in the universe and any one person (of any race) can use all three, though mastering one is another story. Everyone has some form of magic, but Starfall and elemental mages of the major elven regimes don’t consider witchcraft or magitech “real magic”, so even if an elf was born “without magic” they still might be able to do some minor energy work with plants.

The beastfolk are the decedents of a cursed tribe of humans, and while they evolved their magic quicker than any of the other human races and focused heavily on the earth-based magic, with some education and the talent, a normal human in Anaria could have the same potential.

Anaria (Earth) based magic

Witchcraft is the main magical talent of the beastfolk, though any other race can practice it. It can be as minor as being able to enchant herbs and potions or  as grand as being able to work with a deity or energy source to enhance a magic or skill (such as healing or magecraft). You can use these talents in everyday life or alongside in battle.

Examples of this in the comic – Kaylee using incense and herbs for aid in divination.

Sun Magic (also known as Sun Witchcraft and Healer) at it’s core is used for healing and banishing/cleansing. For healing, it’s usually used alongside enchanted herbs in the form of incense or tea. For greater banishing/cleansing (corruption and entity fighting is a greater battle, while a lesser job would be minor sprites and spirits that can be rid of through normal sun witchcraft) an individual has to form a pact with the beastfolk goddess Mirial to aid them. Mirial is a resentful goddess and will rarely work with anyone that isn’t a beastfolk. (It is mentioned that Gavin has a pact with Mirial, but it is not said as to why yet.)

Other uses for Sun magic is to cast small light spells to illuminate a dark space for a varied amount of time. This can also used to temporarily blind an enemy. Another is used with herbalism in helping plants grow. Elves and humans that practice sun magic, but don’t have the talents for healing, often use it in farming and gardening.

Moon Magic (also known as Moon Witchcraft and Illusionism) is used to confuse or throw enemies off your tracks. Magic dispelling is one skill a moon witch can use (Mahri page 3 of “Winter’s Light”, Mia’s counterspell from page 2 of “The Witch’s Dream” Chapter 1). Mahri mainly practices illusionism, which she can use to create minor illusions in her dance performances, but this can be used to confuse enemies in battle or to escape danger. A lot of Moon witches are skilled at divination since they are able to see the unseen spiritual paths. These talents can easily be abused and used to harm others so pretty much any Moon Witch that wants to be trusted is a part of a Celestial Coven or Temple (which often combine witches and mages from different practices).

Starfall and other elven battle magic

Starfall is a region of the world Anaria that is claimed to be one of the oldest elven lands. It is northeast of Adanya and far north of Azurefall (where Golden Field and Willow Lake are).

The magic of Starfall is an ancient elven battle magic using spirits and conjured weapons to fight alongside you. Over time the other races have figured out a lot of it’s secrets, but it’s still primarily an arcane skill that few outside of the high elven mages of Starfall can master. Lilian uses conjured weapons, which is a spirit skill. Empyreal Gossamer (Mia’s starf) is a Starfall mage item (I’ll expand on this later).

Controlling shadow entities (such as with the Mansel Knights)  is thought to be a part of the Starfall magic, but not enough is known to be sure if it’s actually connected to Starfall spirit magic or something else.

Magecraft is elementalism battle magic. The elves were the first known to master these skills, but at this point it is a common battle magic for any race. It is rare to be able to tap into all elements so a mage generally focuses on one. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water are the element foundations they can work with.




The humans of Mirim have honed these skills the most as their technology levels have risen over the more recent years. It can be used alongside any sort of magecraft or on it’s own if the item has been enchanted. They are not the first to have such skills, but are one of the few in current time Anaria to focus on research and development of it’s uses.

Technomages are becoming a threat to the elven regimes due to those with battle magic skills being able to enhance themselves beyond what they were normally capable of, give magic to those who wouldn’t be able to use greater magic in the first place, and build magic-resisting armor on top of it. They have also began developing two-way long distance communication and video communication. A lot of the technology is still very experimental.

Adia’s storytelling is a telepathy based tech which records small memories from people who are willing to share. Recording to even an enchanted device to share in images is incredibly difficult to master.

Gavin uses a small communication device to talk to Justin over great distances. It causes a brief spirit link which can transmit mental images back to the main device. This doesn’t take a lot of magical ability to use, but it does take a small amount of trust.


Characters and their skills

(This list isn’t complete at the moment, but I’ll add to it)

Kaylee is a master with all forms of Sun Magic, though some of the skills are hindered by her connection with Shellari. She is not skilled in traditional combat, though can defend herself if need be, and has Shellari to battle for her if need be.

Lilian is an adept Moon Witch and Starfall mage who’s primary skill is weapon and shield conjuring. She also can control the shadow entities, but since joining a celestial coven she’s chosen to not use her Moon magic in this way. She’s a skilled sword fighter and uses her illusion skills for being evasive in combat.

Gavin is a fire elementalist mage who also practices sun magic. In battle he will use an enchanted staff in battle and sometimes a sword as a focus. He is considered a technomage since he can and does use magictech weapons to enhance his skills, but even without his weapons he is not one to mess with.

Mahri is an adept Moon witch, who mostly uses her illusion skills for entertainment. She is talented at divination. She can dispel basic magic spells. A lot of what she learned were survival and stealth skills, and nothing particularly for combat.

Justin is a Starfall mage, who got his powers through Lindia through arcane means. I will expand on this after Chapter 2 is finished.