News: 7/13/21

I'm working on a prelude novella that will be out Q3 2021. It's about an elven woman on vacation named Linayla as she gets to know three strangers all wishing they could escape the magic, technology, and politics of the world around them.

After my Anaria comic in "A Howl" is finished I'm retiring from comics. It's been an interesting run, but I want to tell my stories in the best medium for them and show my characters as I intended.

My comics aren't going anywhere and will always have a place on my website no matter what state they are in. EVENTUALLY I'll put Pixie Clover and Winter's Light in some sort of archive, but as for now I'm focusing on other stuff.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years. I feel a lot better now that I'm writing my stories as prose. I hope people will enjoy the detailed world building and complex characters that I couldn't possibly show in comics. So, yeah... get ready for ancient elven war robots and those who hunt them!

Welcome to! This is the hub for my comic series. I will be expanding this page in the future and adding Pixie Clover.

Note: The comic "Winter's Light" is no longer canon, so I took it down. I will eventually post a PDF with both unfinished versions to Patreon. Gavin and Mahri both still exist in Anaria, but they don't hook up!

To read more about each comic GO HERE.

Updated: April 6, 2021

Anaria is finished as is. A new project is in the works based on this with a new magic system and updated character backgrounds!

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