I decided after much thought that I’m going to be closing my Patreon at the end of the month. Thank you everyone who has supported me there. I’ve tried this for years, but I can’t seem to make this business model work for me or fit my creative workflow, life, and personality. It’s important for other creative folks to know that Patreon doesn’t work for everyone. I’m going to move on to trying other things such as selling paintings, small merch, prints, and books.

I’m still looking into another way to do a subscription based tip system that some of my supporters want. It was suggested that I leave my Patreon up as a tip jar only, but Patreon takes $45 to $50 out of $295 so there HAS to be a better way.

I don’t know how I’ll be sharing the Pixie Clover sketch comic in the future, but if I don’t figure it out in the next few weeks I’ll announce it on my websites or on my Twitter. I have a Discord that I share with the other two DreamyStar artists that fans are welcome to join. Email me at jayelleanderson@gmail.com if you are a fan and want to join our community.

I’ll be sharing art this month as I finish it and I will get out all of the postcards that I owe people. It’s just time for me to try something new. Thank you all again who supported me there. Hopefully this will make me feel less scattered and pressured so I can get more done!