General Questions:

Why are your comments turned off? Can I DM you somewhere?

  • I find comments distracting so I keep them turned off. If you want to contact me, use the contact form or email me at [email protected] I’ll interact with comments on Patreon, but I can’t do that everywhere.

Do you take commissions?

  • Nope. The rare occasion that I’ll attend a convention I’ll take simple traditional media commissions.

What Art College did you go to?

  • I didn’t. I studied political science, history, and anthropology. Just drew for fun.

Can I draw fan art?

  • That’s fine! Please keep it SFW, please.

What do you use to draw with?

  • Right now I’m using a Cintiq 27QHD and Photoshop CC.

Can you read my comic and give me feedback?

  • Sorry, I don’t give critiques on comics. I can never tell if somebody just wants praise or actually wants straight up constructive feedback. I’d rather just read something for fun, especially if I don’t know the person. It’s a lot of pressure to put on an anxious, introverted artist. XD

Why don’t you update more frequently?

  • Because life and chronic pain.

How long does it take to finish each page?

  • About 20 to 30 hours each.

Do you draw NSFW art? 

  • Nope. Just not something I’m interested in.

I saw someone using a picture of Mahri/Kaylee/Justin/etc. Did they get permission?

  • *sigh* No, they never ask and I didn’t give them permission. I’ve had a lot of people find my art over the years and write stories about their fantasies of the characters or whatever. While it’s cool that they were inspire to create something, I wished they’d start to create their own characters instead of using my designs. However, it’s okay to be inspired by something (we all are), and everyone has to start somewhere. Keep in mind — a lot of us started off writing fan fiction without showing the creator and would quite honestly be horrified to do so!! XD
  • But no, nobody has actual permission to use my characters in their stories. Please don’t attack these people, though. Most get super defensive about it, but are generally kind people that just like my artwork. As long as nobody is trying to profit off of my art I don’t issue takedowns. People writing stories and using an image of Mahri for their character is a never ending witchhunt that isn’t worth your time or mine. If they don’t give credit, feel free to let them know that’s rather tacky. When it comes down to it, though, I just really don’t want to know.
  • On a side note, Lupi Jex in Brazil does have my permission to wear his Kaylee fursuit, so please don’t harass him about it. This is nothing different than cosplay, especially since he’s being respectful.
  • Kaylee, Mahri, Justin, and the rest of my characters in Anaria, Starfall, Maidens of Twilight (Lazalanti, Jasmine, Mira) or any other stories I’ve done are mine alone.



Common Story Questions:

Can Mahri and Gavin have children?

  • Yes they could. Hybrid children are common in Anaria. Adia (Lilian’s girlfriend) is one example of a hybrid, and I’m pretty sure Mahri is part wolf. Their appearance and how much they inherited from which parent largely depends on my mood. Now, it’s uncertain if Gavin and Mahri even want kids (or any of my other characters for that matter).  Just because a couple is married doesn’t mean they have to have kids. But who knows. The story is still at the beginning!


Is there stigma against human/beastkin couples?

  • For the most part no. Beastkin are considered cursed humans and they are able to have children together so mixed couples aren’t uncommon. Some of the more traditional beast tribes and families are against it or just look down on it, but those are the ones that generally don’t even like seeing intermarrying even between the different beast races. Among the humans there is some worry about the legend of the beastkin being the children of the Cursed Ones. Though the main thing that gets in the way of lovers on either side is political conflicts and war.
  • There is more stigma against elves marrying other races than humans or beastkin.