About Creator:
Jayelle Anderson is a comic artist and writer who had worked in the mainstream comic industry since 2007 as a freelance artist, writer, and colorist. She’s a self taught artist who went to college to study anthropology and political science. She currently resides in the Pacific NW with her boyfriend, two cats, and tiny dog.


About Anaria:

Anaria is a drama/fantasy/romance comic about a fox witch named Kaylee Laturell.

What was once a pastoral world is quickly changing with the rise of the technomages and the decline of the old elven regimes. New threats are rising and the races of Anaria must unite to defeat them or fall to the dark illness spreading throughout the nations.

Kaylee Laturell is a kind healer and sun witch who has to confront the enemies of her past in an unexpected way to save their future.

I try to update every other week, but updates can become random at times depending on health.

Anaria Info:

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