The Witches of Anaria is a sci-fi fantasy series of webcomic taking place on the world of Anaria.

Anaria is the main comic while the Starfall site is for side stories that involve the characters in Adanya City.
Right now the story slowly updating is Winter’s Light, but there will be other short stories after that.

Pixie Clover is a sweet slice of life comic that I traditionally paint with watercolors.
It has a lot of extra lore and guest stars some characters from the other comics.

The update schedules might change, but for now Pixie Clover is the only comic that updates regularly.

AnariaUpdates Rarely (last updated October 1, 2017)
Fantasy drama (Rated Teen – mild language, mild violence.)

Winter’s LightUpdates Rarely (Last updated December 3, 2017)
Fantasy Romance (Rated Teen – mild romantic themes. Mushy fluff.)

The Pixie CloverUpdates every Monday
All ages fantasy slice of life (Cavity warning. Cute Fluff.)